About Oliver Corr Photography

50 year old from Coalisland Co Tyrone Ireland. I work as coordinator on an EU Peace III project called "Conflicts of Interest" an adult education course which looks at inter group conflict in Ireland over the past 40years and what lessons can be learned from this and other European conflicts. I'm also a freelance photographer with my own studio in Coalisland and i work for a number of local publications. I'm a member of the management board of The Craic Theatre Coalisland. I'm a trad irish musician playing the whistle, flute and bodhrán.

Day 346 King William’s Chair (Photo A Day 2012)

William's Chair

This is the chair  that King William III of Orange (King Billy) used when he attended a service in St George’s Church on High St Belfast in 1690 on his way from Carrickfergus to his encounter with James II at the river Boyne Co Meath. St George’s has a strong connection  with another pivotal figure in Irish history. Henry Joy McCracken, one of the leaders of the 1798 United Irishmen’s revolt against British rule, was initially buried in St. George’s churchyard after his execution at nearby Cornmarket. He was later reburied a short distance away at the historic Clifton Street graveyard.

Day 345 Rahilly’s (Photo A Day 2012)



Our football club Clonoe O’Rahilly’s GFC  held it’s annual youth presentations in the community centre. Well over one hundred children and young people, both boy’s and girls participate in teams at all age levels. Gerard Corr (centre) is the club youth officer and Conor McAliskey and Stephen McNulty, both of whom are on the Tyrone County panel, made the presentations to the various teams and individuals.