New Year Old Disappointments

With two days of the New Year already done and the festivities tapering off it’s traditionally the time when we are invited to make our resolutions for 2011. I’ve done this many times over the years swearing I would stick to the resolutions this time around come hell or high water and at that moment I might have even believed this. Last year was no exception. I got my first iphone before Christmas last year and while getting to know the various apps on this remarkable piece of technology I used the notes app to make a list of things I wanted to do in 2010. To reinforce the importance of this list I emailed it to myself to keep me reminded. The list had nine items on it the ninth one stating that I must refer to the list everyday. I didn’t.  The others were equally divided between things I needed to do to improve my health, go to gym, go to bed before 11pm each night, buy a new bike etc and things I needed to do to improve my work including finishing a number of projects that had been left half finished. I came across the list the other day and discovered that I had failed to achieve or maintain any of the goals set. True I joined the Gym and for a number of months on and off over the year I did make use of it but by late October I drifted away and haven’t gone back since. That’s the thing about regular exercise it’s a waste of time if it’s not regular. The jobs I wanted to finish remain largely unfinished. My office at home is still in a big enough of a mess as to be too embarrassing to bring anyone into it. I wanted to take more photos and really get to grips with all aspects of digital photography and hone whatever limited skills I have. Again I feel I have fallen short. So, the only thing I really achieved last year by making a new years resolution list is to compound that sense of falling short in other words failure and disappointment. I’m taking a new tack this year. To hell with lists and resolutions. To hell with imposing long or medium term goals and objectives. If I do have a resolution it’s that I will have no resolutions and simply take it a day at a time and see how that works.

1 thought on “New Year Old Disappointments

  1. You’ve got a point. I am inclined to think that the only chnages that make a radical difference are the structural ones.
    So, instead of resolving to do an hour’s exercise on top of everything else – and never quite managing to keep it up – it’s better to resolve to walk to work or do something else that fits in with what you need to do anyway.
    But sure, Oliver, you’re a fine trim looking man and your photography is ace.

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