Landmarks to Work 1 (Day 44 Photo A Day 2012)

I work in Monaghan Town and yesterday I had to make the journey via Dungannon. The journey took me though Eglish, Caledon, Middletown and on to Monaghan itself. I decided I would take pictures of several landmarks along the way. I started with this piece of public Art at Annaghshee (formerly The Ballygawley Road housing estate) Dungannon. This was placed at the entrance to the estate as part of a re imaging project for the area which culminated in the change of name for the area back in June 2009. The piece is 9ft high made of resin and steel and is the work of local artist John Darren Sutton. Born in Dungannon, Co Tyrone 1972. John Darren is a graduate of Stafford College, England. He has had 16 years experience in Scotland, England, Portugal and Ireland and sculpts in specialist cement as well as resin, aluminum and bronze. He has also completed works using brick, steel and wood. As I said this was the first landmark on my trip to Monaghan.

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