Landmarks to Work 3 (Day 46 Photo A Day 2012)

On my way to work I pass a very small hamlet called The Dyan. This is the door to The Dyan Orange Hall home to first ever orange lodge in Ireland Dyan LOL No 1. The Orange Order was founded in Loughgall in County Armagh September 21, 1795 in the aftermath of this Battle of the Diamond. Why The Dyan became the first orange lodge is a matter of dispute, and apparently  remains a bone of contention amongst the men from the Diamond area of Loughgall in County Armagh. Like their predecessors, they feel that the first warrant should have gone to a local lodge as their men were more directly involved in the Battle of the Diamond. It is reported that they were so upset at not getting the No.1 warrant at the time of the Battle that they sulked and refused to take up any warrant. By the time they had thawed, they were issued with a warrant for Loyal Orange Lodge No. 118

This particular hall date back to 1878

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