Movie in Moortown (Day 62 Photo A Day 2012)

This is from a scene from the short film “A Real Man” directed by Morgan Ryan. Some of the film was shot in Moortown as well as Coalisland in the last few days. The film features actors and crew from the Craic Theatre. The first picture is a scene with Caoimhin Gribben and the second is lighting/cameraman Darren Moriarty setting up for the shoot. Working on a film set is far from glamourous. It usually entails lots and lots of sitting around waiting for other people to finish their job before you can do yours. I’ve been an extra on a few films shot locally including “The Mighty Celt”, “Blind Flight” and a couple of episodes of “Give My Head Peace” Long days indeed. This is a very interesting film which is giving the actors at Craic an opportunity to see this kind of work from the inside. Apart from Caoimhin the film also features John Ryan, Tony Gervin, Clar Dorman, Jordan Trotter, Seanan Cummings and Aaron Donnelly.

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