Saint Michael’s Clonoe Day 71 (Photo A Day 2012)

This is the oldest church in the parish Clonoe. It’s Saint Michael’s Church of Ireland situated about half way between Coalisland and Brocagh (Mountjoy) Although there has been a church on this site since 1431, it was ruined and disused by 1622. The church was rebuilt in 1699. The interior was altered in the last century losing its original pews and pulpit. The graveyard contains memorials to clergy and laity of both the Catholic and Church of Ireland communities with the most recent Catholic burial taking place in the 1960’s. I have alway found old graveyards to be fascinating places to visit. The headstone inscriptions very often are all that is left to the memory of the people interred therein and can give us some insight into who these people were but it can be frustrating in that it’s very often only a fragment of information beyond dates of birth and death. One of the oldest graves I came across yesterday read “Here lieth the bodies of Major Hugh Mergaugh O’Neill who deceased the 10th October anno dom. 1671 aged 50. And Phelemy Oge O’Neill who departed ys life ye 10th May 1714 aged 79 years. It had a latin inscription  which translated was “Fate Keeps Every Name in Motion”

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