Day 82 Barry Kerr (Photo A Day 2012)

This is Barry Kerr one of the finest multi instrumentalist, songwriter and artists in the country. Barry was appearing in Tony Devlin’s play “1981” at The Craic Theatre on wednesday evening. The only instrument that Barry doesn’t play is the fiddle. His sister Laura is the fiddle player in the Kerr family and she has warned him that if she sees him with a fiddle in his hands there would be trouble!

Barry recorded his first solo album at age seventeen he has gone on to tour the world (he is just back from Australia) both as a solo performer and in the company of artists such as Cara Dillon, Phil Coulter and At First Light. His songs and compositions have been recorded by the likes of Karan Casey, Flook, Beoga, Brian Finnegan, Damian O’Kane and Kate Rusby. As a painter he is fast becoming an important figure in contemporary Irish Art,exhibiting at home and abroad to high critical acclaim. Check out his website Barry

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