Day 181 Famous Writers (Photo A Day 2012)

This is a famous  Irish writer beside a statue of James Joyce. They are standing at the junction of North Earl St and O’Connell St in Dublin. Dubliners always like to give their public art statues names. There was the “Floozie in the Jacuzzi” The departed Anna Livia statue which was on O’Connell St from 1988 until 2001. There is the “Tart With the Cart” or the “The Trollope with the Scallop” The Molly Malone Statue on Grafton St. “The Crank on The Bank” The Patrick Kavanagh statue on The Grand Canal and the “The Quare in the Square” Oscar Wilde in Merrion Square Park and “The Ace with the Bass” Phil Lynott’s statue on Harry St.. The statue of Joyce is known as “The Prick With the Stick” and the famous writer is Ronan McSherry. If they ever erect a statue to Ronan (he was born in Dublin) It will have to be “Ronan the Rant”!!

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