Day 193 Philomena (Photo A Day 2012)

This is Philomena Begley a legend in the music scene in Ireland for many many years. I had to video a message  from Philomena in support of the 32-32-32 penalty shoot challenge which I will be taking part in later on this month to raise money and awareness of the work of The Simon Community CLICK HERE  for details.

Philomena is celebrating 50 years in show business this year. Her first gig was with the “Old Cross Ceili Band” in May 1962 at Ardboe Hall. One of my favourite song writers, Shane MacGowan from “The Pouges” mentioned her in his famous song “A Pair of Brown Eyes” which is when I realised Philomena was seriously cool!  She is an incredibly friendly woman who has very graciously giving her support to 32-32-32 Thank You Phil

A Pair of Brown Eyes

Shane MacGowan (1985)

I looked at him he looked at me

All I could do was hate him

While Ray and Philomena sang

Of my elusive dream

I saw the streams, the rolling hills

Where his brown eyes were waiting

And I thought about a pair of brown eyes

That waited once for me

So drunk to hell I left the place

Sometimes crawling sometimes walking

A hungry sound came across the breeze

So I gave the walls a talking

And I heard the sounds of long ago

From the old canal

And the birds were whistling in the trees

Where the wind was gently laughing

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