Day 218 Cow Parade Belfast (Photo A Day 2012)


This is one of the Cows in the the grounds of Belfast City Hall which is part of the “Cow Parade”.

CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. Life-size fibreglass cows are brought to the streets of host cities all over the world, where they are decorated by local artists and put on display. The event has been held in over 75 cities worldwide, including Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Taipei and Mexico City and has involved some of the world’s premier artists, designers and craftsmen. CowParade cows have been seen by an estimated 100 million people and, through their sale at auction, have raised over £25 million for charities worldwide. CowParade Belfast Cows will be sold at auction in Autumn 2012 to raise funds for charity partners, Barnardo’s Northern Ireland and Depaul Ireland


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