Day 223 Washingbay Movie (Photo A Day 2012)


Derrylaughan GFC are producing a version of “Give My Head Pace” (yes “pace” not “peace”) to raise funds for the club which will run in Coalisland in September. Over the past few recession hit years GAA clubs have tried all sorts of things to help keep their clubs a float in bad times. Boxing and dancing have been very popular but Derrylaughan have gone down the route of producing a theatre show. They needed to film a sequence for the show down near their pitch which involved marching an Orange Lodge and flute band around the Washingbay corner a sight that has never been seen before. Filming for “Give My Head Pace” Paddy Gervin (cameraman), Emiear Devlin (BBC News Reporter) John Joe Coney (Uncle Andy) and Aiden Taggart (Billy).

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