Day 234 Scotland Street (Photo A Day 2012)

In Alexander McCall Smith’s novel “44 Scotland Street” he uses a mixture of real and fictitious characters and locations in Edinburgh. On our first day there we went in search of number 44.  Scotland Street is a real street in the New Town area of Edinburgh however the house numbers only go as far as 43. So this is a photograph of  43 Scotland Street. As McCall Smith states himself  “Scotland Street occupies a busy, Bohemian corner of Edinburgh’s New Town, where the old haute bourgeoisie finds itself having to rub shoulders with students, poets and portraitists. And number 44 has more than its fair share of the street’s eccentrics and failures …” “44 Scotland Street” is an episodic novel and was first published as a serial in The Scotsman Newspaper, starting 26 January 2004, every weekday, for six months. The book retains the 100+ short chapters of the original. It was partially influenced by Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, a famous serial story.

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