Day 244 Maciek Kotarski (Photo A Day 2012)

This is Maciek Kotarski an artist originally from Lodz in Poland but now lives and works in Coalisland. He has only been painting for under two years but has a exhibition of his work in the foyer of the Craic Theatre Coalisland. He is a big fan of the American artist Rudy Ernst and did a tribute painting to him especially for Craic.

1 thought on “Day 244 Maciek Kotarski (Photo A Day 2012)

  1. Hello Maciek,
    For some reason I overlooked your nice comments and am sorry about it. Your tribute to me is very touching and I really appreciate it. Shoot me an email to, and so we can be in more personal contact.
    And: a good personal advice: don’t tell anybody that you have been painting only for two years. That is really unimportant for as long as you have the sensibility of an artist.
    Cordial greetings from New York,

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