Day 277 Underground Wall City Cemetery (Photo A Day 2012)


The space between the headstones is the site in Belfast City Cemetery where an underground wall was built to divide Protestants and Catholics even in death. Before the cemetery opened, a nine-foot deep underground wall was meant to divide consecrated and non-consecrated ground and separate the Catholic and Protestant sections of the new graveyard.   However, the ground was never used for Catholic burials because of a dispute between Belfast Corporation and Bishop Dorrian over who had ultimate burial rights for those buried in the Catholic section. The dispute was eventually resolved when the Corporation bought from Bishop Dorrian, for £4,000, the right to bury Protestants in the ground allocated for Catholic burials. The bishop then purchased, for a cost of £4,200, 15 acres of land on the other side of Falls Road for a new Catholic cemetery Milltown.


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