Day 300 Maura Kilgore (Campbell) (Photo A Day 2012)


I was sent to photograph a book launch in Ardboe Parish centre on Saturday night. The author is a native of Ardboe called Maura Kilgore (née Campbell) and the book is called “The Way To Crook Road” which are Maura’s memories of growing up in Ardboe. She is pictured here with the chairman of Cookstown District Council Tony Quinn. When I got chatting to Maura I discovered that she taught for many years at my old school St Joseph’s in Coalisland and was there for the time that spent there during the 1970’s. Maura was a domestic science teacher and in the 1970’s boys didn’t do domestic science. We spent our time vandalising pieces of metal and wood in the woodwork and metalwork classes. As a result I was never taught by her and in fairness I didn’t recognise her. Maura’s book is a lovely production and for anyone interested in the local social history of this part of Tyrone it is highly recommended.

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