Day 335 The Savage Eye (Photo A day 2012)

The Savage Eye-1


This is me watching the latest edition of a Tv show on the iPad  called “The Savage Eye” broadcast by RTE. It’s a very funny show that casts the savage eye on various aspects of Irish Society. It is often caustic about the state of this country. The performer behind the show is a guy called Dave McSavage aka David Andrews Jr.

David McSavage (born David Andrews Jr.) is an Irish comedy writer and performer. He has been performing at national and international comedy festivals such as the Kilkenny Comedy Festival, and appeared on Irish television comedy programmes, including The Savage Eye. He is the son of an Irish politician, David Andrews, brother of former Fianna Fáil politician Barry Andrews and first cousin of Irish television and radio presenter Ryan Tubridy, and also cousin of former Fianna Fáil TDChris Andrews. He can parody the political classes so well because he knows it so well because of his family connections.
He is known for street performance on streets in Dublin city centre, and has been arrested for casual trading on Grafton Street as he was selling copies of his DVD whilst performing in a minuscule posing pouch. His routine consists of improvised songs often predicated on speculation about the lives of those passing by, occasionally in an extremely offensive and insulting manner. Very funny!

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