Day 363 Bill Gatt (Photo A Day)

Bill Gatt and Patsy Grant INTT0213-612OC


This is the artist Bill Gatt who made his first ever visit to Coalisland and The Craic Theatre to be present at the launch of an art exhibition by three local artists brothers Larry, Tony and Marty McLarnon.

Bill Gatt is one of the county’s  most recognisable artists, with his flamboyant style, love of life, great ability to enthuse and generosity of spirit he continues to enrich the lives of those he teaches and the visual arts scene in general. Over the years Bill has drawn and painted hundreds of works with subjects ranging from landscape and portraiture to the historical and religious; working in many different media including charcoal, oils, watercolour, acrylic, pastels, egg tempera and mixed media. Bill is particularly well known for his portraits. He very kindly sent me three of his iPad portraits of Diego Velázquez and Neil Shawcross in return for sending him a few photographs.

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