Horse Grave Coalisland (Day Eleven)

This is the Horse Grave which is situated in the yard of the former Coalisland Weaving Factory close to the Craic Theatre. The owner of the factory when it was opened circa 1868 was a man called Ledlie Clarke along with John Stevenson.

The Clarkes were keen sportsmen not averse to a bit of cock fighting and with a great fondness for thoroughbred horses which were stabled in the factory grounds near where “The Yankee Star Grill” restaurant now stands. One weekend in September 1894 a stable boy whose job was to feed the horses with mash found that he was out of salt. He knew that salt was used in the Dyeing process but the factory was closed for the weekend. He managed to break in to the dye house and took what he thought was salt. Sadly, it was a poisonous chemical also used in the dyeing and all five horses died, their graves still marked by a stone surround in the yard.

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