Tynan Railway Station (Day 51 Photo A Day 2012)

On my way to work in Monaghan I pass near by to this building but I had no idea of it’s existence until I was told about it by my brother in law Paul. It’s just off the Coolkill Road between Caledon and Middletown. I had to ask for precise directions to it in the village of Tynan. The man I asked wanted to know if I was going to reopen it! I wish I had the money to restore what was a perfectly good railway system in this part of the world. The Coalisland station suffered the same fate as Tynan in the late 50’s being run down and closed by a very short sighted policy of the then Stormont regime.

Tynan was formerly served by mainline trains of the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) and was also the eastern terminus of the narrow gage Clogher Valley Railway (which opened in 1887 and closed in 1941). Tynan railway station on the Clogher Valley railway opened on 2 May 1887 and shut 1 January 1942. Tynan and Caledon railway station on the mainline opened on 25 May 1858 and shut on 1 October 1957.

1 thought on “Tynan Railway Station (Day 51 Photo A Day 2012)

  1. Ballycastle used to have the narrow gauge railway too. My uncle worked on it and now in his 80’s he believes he still works there…it featured on a TG4 programme a few weeks back. A lovely photo and piece of history!

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