The Garage Theatre (Day 52 Photo A Day 2012)

This is “The Garage Theatre” Monaghan which I pass on my way to work.

I always liked the idea of a Psychiatric Hospital being described as “The Garage” where if you are broken you go to get fixed. Monaghan writer Pat McCabe in his fantastic book “The Butcher Boy” tells us how the Francie’s mother has a breakdown and he says she has gone into the Garage to get it fixed! She had in fact been sent to St Davnet’s Psychiatric Hospital, Armagh Road, Monaghan and it is here that The Garage Theatre is located in a disused ward at the hospital. However after many years at St Davnet’s  The Garage will soon have an new home at the new County Monaghan Education Campus on the site of the former army camp on the Armagh Road.

2 thoughts on “The Garage Theatre (Day 52 Photo A Day 2012)

  1. Hi oliver. Just love your pictures and background information. I wonder if you would be interested next time you are in Monaghan to take a trip to Knockatallon to find the priest’s cross. As far as I recall local legend goes….the priest used to say mass in the ‘bog’ when this was banned. He was shot and the cross was erected in his memory. Any of the cousins in Monaghan wouldl be able to locate it for you out in the heather.

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