Sheena & Signhild (Day 54 Photo A Day 2012)

One of the great things about being associated with The Craic Theatre Coalisland are actors, writers and performers of all sorts that I get to meet. This photo is of contemporary dancers Sheena Kelly and Signhild MeenWærsted. I’ve known Sheena for many years and have a family connection (two of my aunts are also her great aunts!) Sheena  trained at LIPA Performing Arts School in Liverpool and works across Ireland, UK and Europe as a dancer and teacher. Currently she is the artistic director of Sutemos Youth Dance Group, an integrated dance group based in Dungannon Co.Tyrone who perform, train and create new and innovative dance for young people.

Signhild Meen Wærsted – Born in Norway, Signhild trained at  LIPA  and works as a dance teacher and freelance dance artist  based in Oslo.

Sheena and Signhild were working at The Craic Theatre on an dance piece ‘Staircase’ (working title) which is a site specific dance improvisation film piece based on the idea of time. It is currently being developed to enter into several  dance film festivals.

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